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Give Blood - Tv spot

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feltöltve 2011.06.19 |  megtekintés 4479 place, world champion.
shortfilm made for the 'Shoot4Life' filmmaraton.

Date: 22nd-23rd November 2008
Subject: The voluntary blood donor
Task: Shooting a short in 24 hours
Length of the movie: min. 1 max. 2 minutes
Start, registration deadline: 10 A.M. (local time) 22nd November 2008
Three compulsory elements: Budapest - Hungary: 1.Blood Giving - Arena Plaza 2.Hungarian Red Cross Building 3.Panoramic view of Budapest

Director - András Derzsy
Idea - András Derzsy, Attila Lecza, Ádám Temesi, Barbara Gerhát
Cinematographer - Adam Temesi
Editor - Andras Derzsy
Boy - Attila Lecza
Girl - Barba Gerhát
Music - András Derzsy